Reclaimed Mill Skep

Description:  Large original reclaimed wicker mill skep,  Excellent condition and ideal and unique storage.

Code: 111007-BR

Dimensions: H79cm x W86cm x D64cm (Approximate)

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Price: £150.00 Inc VAT


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Price: £0.00

Garage Store Box

Description: Galvanised garage store drawers. Great indoor retro industrial storage.  Fantastic giftware.

Code: 3890621

Dimensions: H38cm x W28cm x D22cm


Price: £49.99 Inc VAT

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Price: £0.00

‘Dad’s Garage’ Storage Box

Description: Lovely metal storage box just for dad.  Wonderful Christmas gift.  He will love his own box better than any shirt.  Painted green with an aged effect and a decorative lid.  Closes with metal clasps.

Code: 3899621

Dimensions: H17cm x L40cm x D19cm

Stock – 2

Price: £24.99 Inc VAT

Available to collect by person. All delivery and payment options can be found on our Services Page


Price: £0.00

Large Wooden Box

Description: Large wooden box with lift up lid.  Lid hinged in middle with ornate copper hinges. Copper drawer handle.  No legs.  Clean inside.  Outside has aged lovely a little polish will bring it back to life.

Code: 147023  AR

Dimensions: H29cm x L107cm x D56cm (Approximate)

Stock; 1

Price: £85.00 Inc VAT

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Price: £0.00