Architectural Salvage North East

Our Architectural Salvage North East Range

Our extensive range of Architectural Salvage is available for viewing at our site based in the North East of England. We are located a short drive from the A1 near Durham. We have an extensive yard for people to view our items, along with a two storey showroom full of interesting items for you to look at.

Our showroom is often described as an Aladdin’s cave. We try and list as many items as possible on our website. Please see our architectural salvage North East range in our products for the latest goods we have listed.

architectural salvage north east

As our range continuously changes we also encourage people to contact us to enquire about any items they are interested in. We are always looking for new stock, and will endeavour to buy in any items you may request.

We may be interested in your Architectural Salvage

We are always constantly looking for new and interesting pieces to add to our range. If you have something you think we may be interested in please get in touch with us. You can send an email with pictures and a description for us to give you an idea of price. Obviously we have to inspect the item before a deal can be finalised.

We offer very fair prices, and can also help with transportation of items for a reasonable fee where necessary.

Please note that we record details for all goods we buy. This will include your name and address. We apologise for this inconvenience, but it has become a necessary precaution.

Remember, for the finest Architectural Salvage in the North East look no further than Aztec Stone.